Scientific Backing

Every one of Glector’s products is uniquely formulated, the result of access to the latest research by some of the best scientific minds in Europe and India, and includes ingredients that are steeped in world-class science and come with a proven track record.

Our focus on products that combine centuries old tradition with 21st Century science builds on many years’ experience in the OTC sector and its further evolution is carried forward by our highly experienced and dedicated team of scientists.

Research & Development

Glector’s primary interests lie in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of innovative, scientifically-formulated and highly efficacious plant-based health treatments, together with vitamin and mineral supplements which incorporate natural plant ingredients.

Currently we are working on extending our ranges to include particular lifestyle products, including a herbal-based cosmetics range and a competition-beating weight management product.


We evaluate all our ingredients for each and every product to exactly the same parameters, and we manufacture under the strictest quality controls in a modern world-class manufacturing facility, to ensure both product purity and effectiveness.


We strive to be as close to the environment as the products which Mother Nature herself produces and all our practices and processes are designed to respect nature, conserve energy, minimise wastage, and help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone.