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What's in the name?

The name Glector is loosely based on the Latin and Greek words for the universe, and in particular the Milky Way galaxy, where the precious planet on which we all live is located, whilst the globe shape of the company’s logo, and the land and sea elements that it contains, denotes Glector’s concern for the wellbeing of the world, its plant and animal life and the health and wellbeing of all its peoples.

What Makes us Tick

The company’s vision, ethos and business motivation build on many years’ experience. 

We focus on producing product ranges that combine centuries-old tradition with 21st Century knowledge, with each product benefiting from the work of the best scientific minds, the latest research, and ingredients that are steeped in world-class science.

The company’s customer focus includes a mission to develop awareness of the importance of health and healthy living and to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. That responsibility and commitment towards improving the health and wellness of society extends to working to empower all people through education, whilst producing affordable health remedies, so providing both the knowledge and the means to better health and wellness.

Our ethical approach and progressive outlook – and its further evolution – is carried forward today by our highly experienced and dedicated team.

Using our skill, knowledge and expertise, Glector rightly has an unwavering belief in the purity and efficacy of every ingredient in its formulations. The company evaluates all its ingredients for each and every product to exactly the same parameters and manufactures under the strictest quality controls in a modern, world-class manufacturing facility to ensure both purity and product effectiveness.

So we’re totally confident that all our products will more than meet consumer expectations.